this match was our first opportunity to wear these new kits with the cwc champ badge.  exciting, no?  but from the get-go, the fixture against osasuna was not doing us any favors.

last year, it was the crap strike and the crappier rfef… this year, it was mother nature herself.  the awful fog that descended over pamplona forced our boys into a detour and another bus ride.  the evening was dead cold, and our green kits faded against the mist-ridden pitch.

only adriano was ready for this photo

even puyi was cold

but of course, all that was small potatoes compared to the unbelievably bad luck we got during the match. pedro with a hamstring injury and a weepy-faced fontas being stretchered off for an acl tear.  damn.  i waited so long for fontas to start, but he only lasted 10 minutes on the pitch.  sorry captain pinto and scorers alexis+sergi roberto… no matter how great it is that we’re through to the quarterfinals, my strongest memory of this match is this —

and just when were getting ibi back 😦

ibi in hotpants... this cheered me up so much when i saw it, but all i can think of now is how long it will take fontas to get to this point 😦

anyway, it’s going to be clasicos once again.  i’m still pissed with malaga for not capitalizing on their away goals and sparing us all this hell.  i hope our boys win so they can dedicate the victory (or victories) to their sidelined compañeros.



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