… again.

it’s been a day and half since the clasico, and i’ve had my fill of news, photos, criticism and defence of everything ugly that happened on the pitch.  all i can say is kudos to the madridistas who recognize that some of their players fought a dirty match that night;  some got called out (like pepe) and some got away with it as usual (looking at you, alonso).  to the other guys in white, if you can stand by those actions and do nothing, you’re really no better than the worst of you.  the all-too-familiar rollercoaster of emotions i get everytime we face this side was very adequately expressed in this great post by barcelista — http://barcelista.blogspot.com/2012/01/on-thuggery-versus-heart.html .. i highly recommend that you guys check it out 🙂

so on to the good stuff 🙂  pep fielded his standard copa lineup of pinto + 10 others, and those others were dani, pique, puyi, abi, busi, xavi, iniesta, cesc, alexis and messi.

they were all just amazing.  everyone.  can’t even single out anyone for playing extremely well or not playing up to par.  they were a solid team, and i thought everyone went beyond the call of duty on the pitch.  don’t get me started on all those so-called cules who began ragging on pinto right after fake-ronaldo’s goal.  please.  football is a team sport.  all goals made and all those conceded — they’re all because of the collective effort.  stat via optajose — pinto completed 25 passes that night, more than any of the blancos except for alonso (who completed 34).  i repeat — our keeper completed more passes than their outfield players.  or put another way, their best passer only completed 9 more than our keeper.  pep must be so proud.

our xavi >>>> their xabi

while watching, i was surprised at how calm i was about the scoreline even when they took the early lead.  when madrid scored, i just wanted to wait patiently, because looking at how we were playing, it was only a matter of time before our efforts would be justly rewarded.  i was honestly more stressed about how much abuse our players would get on the pitch.  i was expecting some blood and broken bones, and i think they came pretty close 😦  here’s a video of the highlights —

so.  those goals.  what more can be said?  they were like an affirmation of faith.  this system, this team, this family — it just works.

the puyi torpedo

xavi's so happy!

this has to be the best puyi celebration ever (senyera-kissing is close second)

la masia boys 🙂

hilarious that these 3 hugged each other before going over to hug abi 🙂

this photo wins! xavi trying to get to abi but messi's in the way, cesc-pique piggyback, iniesta crushed in the middle, alexis can't even get past puyi!

ai se eu te pego

other stuff —

pep yelling instructions at alexis

puyi is... amused?

pep's almost-celebration for iniesta's almost-goal

running around in circles

oops! gotcha!

all the dirty tactics, all the cheap tricks — they all left a bad taste in my mouth during the game… but at the end of the match, there was only the sweet taste of victory.  thanks, pep.  and thanks, team 🙂

don't worry about the bad guys, leo. puyi and i took care of them.

i was surprised cuenca didn't bounce to the other end of the pitch from this 🙂

heart and soul

i love all the pairs in this photo!

p.s. i really REALLY want masche to score soon!!


twitter and facebook —

“another great and important victory at the bernabeu!  there’s still 1 game to go, and anything can happen, but today i am very proud of this team that has demonstrated once again the values that define us… visca el barça!” — vv’s facebook

"with my friend and goalscorer, puyi. great captain!" - cesc's twitter

"hello everyone! very happy with the victory and with the goal, now we have to finish the job at our stadium! we wait!" -- captain's facebook

i swear, puyi’s abs are straight out of 300.

"here i have a photo with the greatest, carles puyol!!! he's the most lauded after his amazing goal yesterday!!! what a pleasure to have him as a captain!!!" -- villa's facebook

******************warning:  iniesta’s photo is not safe for work*******again!!********************

"first step of the tie. needing the 90 minutes to achieve the objective with our guys. now to rest and think about malaga. thanks!!!" - iniesta's facebook

"celebrating with pintiño and "the guy" " -- thiago's twitter

“greetings, teammates.  congratulations for the victory at the bernabeu” – pedro’s twitter (which is reserved for special occasions only 🙂 just 5 tweets since he opened the account in december — one welcome message, one anims villa, one about winning the cwc, one anims fontas, and finally this)

“what a great game! it’s an honor to be part of this team! força barça!” – sergi roberto’s twitter

i also loved some of their pre-game messages —

"wearing white and gold boots is not an option for tonight. how about these colors to face our great rival?" -- messi's facebook

"to madrid! jds recommends best love song by t-pain" - thiago's twitter

"to madrid! thiago is listening to music, and recommends on fire by bruno mars" - jds' twitter

and this is my favorite, also from jds — the 4 newbies on the bernabeu pitch.  how exciting it must have been!


after the trip back to barcelona, it was back to business as our boys had a training session.

higher, iniesta!

pep invited the staff for a birthday meal at the ciutat esportiva, while the players ate together at the new masia.

pique with fontas (yay!!) and el guaje (in a playboy shirt?!?)


ok, so i wasn’t able to post anything about the game against betis, which thankfully we won.  during that game, the home crowd was treated to a glimpse of our new silverware and leo’s new golden ball.

"Tomorrow I'll offer the Golden Ball to all the culés. Wanted to share it with you that support and follow me on Facebook beforehand. Also the special edition boots I'll wear. They're awesome!" - messi's facebook


in other news, our team/la masia is featured in the new estrella damm commercial, with catalan-german actor daniel bruhl.  half the commercial is cooking, and half is heaping praise on barça… and suspiciously nothing about the product itself 🙂  here’s the video with subtitles —


lastly, uefa came up with the “team of the teams of the year” — and it includes puyi (who still holds the record for most inclusions in the team of the year, 6x), dani, iniesta, xavi and messi.  it also includes ex-barca thierry henry, and the bench includes ronaldinho .


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  1. Love that you have so many Xavi pic! But what is whit him sticking his tongue out on the Puyi celebration pics? And LOVED the Rei Abi hugging Leo caption! Finally LOVE the post!!

    • orangerie says:

      thanks! leo looked like a little boy who’d just been bullied, no?

      i LOVE that pinto answered your question on twitter!! tweet a photo of your glasses when you get them!

  2. blitzen says:

    “don’t worry about the bad guys, leo. puyi and i took care of them.”

    This one made me go “awwwww!!!!”.

    Too cute. Keep up the good work!

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