… this should suffice.

i woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the clasico, but i was too sick to get up.  trust me, an elimination clasico is the absolute worst time to get the flu.  i caught much of the match on radio barca, listening to the commentators with my eyes closed and cheering half-heartedly through the sniffles.  but when madrid scored their first goal, i hauled my lazy *ss out of bed and clicked on the first stream link i could find.  needless to say, i had a fit of palpitations when they equalized.  it’s not easy to yell at your computer screen when your sinuses feel like exploding.  that game, especially the dying minutes — i think they’re the worst i’ve ever experienced.

i expect much to written and discussed in the next few days, but i hope to see some appreciation out there.  already my timeline is awash with doomsday predictions, criticisms and 20/20 hindsight.  for me, right now, the only thing that matters is that they got us through.  only cules can watch their team eliminate their eternal rival and still have the energy to complain about it.  those men have been playing an incredibly full schedule for 3 straight years to give the club as many titles as they can.  and the toll on their bodies is evident.  they are tired, and they deserve only credit and praise, in my humble opinion.  so before my sedative takes effect, let me just say i’m extremely proud of this team.  tot units fem força!

here’s a video of the highlights (and lows) of the match… gotta love that last line!


anims, iniesta and alexis 😦


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