according to reports, puyol is expected to be ready in time for the liga match against zaragoza.  of course, everything is still up to the fisios, the doctors, and ultimately, to tito.  i think the mister is being cautious about letting him play, and with good reason.  it’s been one accident-prone season for puyi so far.

after his operation during the summer, it looked like it was going to be a great year for the captain.  i was ecstatic that he scored the first goal for the team in la liga.

minute 4, 1-0 vs Real Sociedad


then, too soon, there was the fractured cheekbone…

4th time in his career


… and that cursed posterior cruciate ligament that he also eventually recovered from ahead of time.  now there’s this horrible horrible injury — so horrible, i haven’t been able to watch it again.  even the photos make me cringe.  just ouch!  when the preliminary reports said 8 weeks, it was just so discouraging.  i always feel a little lousy watching games when he’s injured.  no es lo mismo.

it’s gonna be fine 🙂


but he put on a brave face in the hospital (or was it just the drugs?), and there were lots of uplifting messages from the rest of the team.

“strength puyi. we need you capi!!!!!!!” — this is my favorite. because i also love masch.





“i love you very much puyi #strengthcarles” — and this is my second favorite. because their pda just tugs at my heartstrings


oh did you need help with your seatbelt? i volunteer.


in true puyi style, he made fantastic progress and quickly got rid of the cast, while still finding time to tweet about his recovery.


and so here we are, 6 weeks since that awful day.  my fingers are crossed.  i hope to see you in fighting form on the 17th, with a hero’s welcome at the camp nou.  i’m sure the only person who misses you more than i do is valdes — give the guy a clean sheet, for heaven’s sake!  🙂


you can do this!!




while we’re at it, i’m also missing the upper lip fuzz


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