capi no want no blankie

i’m pretty sure he only wore that bubble jacket and those gloves because he was forced to.

on a cold night in moscow, we secured our progress into the champions league knockout stages — thanks in part to a magnificent team, and in part to pitiful finishing from our opponent (i really felt so bad for them).  puyi sat on the bench like a boss while VV, dani, pique, masche, alba, xavi, cesc, busi, iniesta, messi and pedro made up the starting eleven.   after a tentative few minutes, we finished the first half with 3 goals, 1 from dani and a brace from messi (which brings him now to 80 goals this year.  EIGHTY.) 🙂

messi is always a wizard with the ball, but he’s not always very hungry on the pitch.  that night i loved how driven he was.  he was chasing after the ball even in the dying minutes of the match.

*credit to jose melendez

i also loved xavi and his usual magic, masche shaking off a nasty fall like a jefe (a solid puyi-in-the-making), alba running like the wind — but above all of them, the key for me this match was busi.  busi kept things secure at the back while also allowing play to move forward, something i missed during the games that he was suspended.  a real gem in his position.

sergio busquets: keeping our game alive since 2008

now, a few thoughts on pedro — that yellow for simulation really irked me a lot.  moreso my comms for looking at the replay and judging from his position that indeed it was a simulation.  for me, that’s all a bunch of know-it-all crap.  what happens on the pitch is not an exact science, especially things that happen at high velocity.  personally i don’t give credence to so-called “evidence” that points to diving, unless it’s something like a slap in the face that never made contact.  a lot of things can affect one’s position before a fall — loss of balance, attempting to stop the momentum, contact, fear of injury to name a few.  only the player who fell really knows if he made a meal of it or not.  i, for one, would rather not judge.

tito brought on 3 subs, with barely 10 minutes to go (maybe he forgot?) — song for xavi, deulofeu for pedro and montoya for alba. after the match, deulofeu was interviewed about his reactions.  xavi and pedro were there, and the b-teamer seemed so starstruck 🙂



yesterday, our players received their shiny new audis.  those luck kids are children of club socis 🙂


also this week, there’s been a lot of chatter about pep and the book written by guillem balague.  i’m not sure yet if i want it, but i’m very curious.  well all that talk reminded me of this feature made by tv3 about pep leaving the club.  it’s old, but i always enjoy watching it because it’s our four captains and their experiences with their mister.  makes my eyes water every time.  many thanks to kewban on youtube for the english subs

the last video has footage of our loss to chelsea… it still creeps me out how much di matteo looks like crackovia pep.  and last night, unai emery looked like that guy on despicable me.


lastly, may i direct your kind attention to this uber cool video — watch out for a cameo from our resident badass pinto 🙂

totally epic fangirl moment 🙂


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  1. Gata says:

    So good to have you back blogging! 🙂 Please don’t stop ever again!

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