stuff from the past few weeks i wasn’t able to include in my other posts 🙂

bleeding blaugrana

the club proudly featured their five catalan captains in a pictorial at the ciutat esportiva — (l-r) torras for futsal, egurrola for roller hockey, puyi for football, tomas for handball and navarro for basketball.

senyera pride


xavi’s q&a — the maestro answered questions from fans forwarded via social media.  time to get on twitter, xavi!!  *thank you so much to sandraculer for asking the question about puyi!  love love loved his answer 🙂


more from the audi event —

i had a video link in one of my recent posts, but this is longer and so much better 🙂

dani lent his sunnies. swag is contagious.

this is so adorable

xavi. sin palabras.

a happy busi makes me happy


nokia india, etc — a month ago, some of our players made a video commemorating the partnership with nokia india.  i believe this is alex song’s first?  welcome to the media powerhouse/circus that is barça 🙂

i always get a little carried away on youtube, so here are a few older videos of our players not speaking spanish nor catalan.  xavi’s the best with the foreign language bits, no? 🙂

this next one is one of my faves.  vamos equipo! haha!

i will miss you, turkish airlines 😥



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