serious spectators on the barça bench last night.


i have to admit, my lineup prediction was all wrong for this game.  athletic is one of those opponents that always make my tummy flutter with nerves.  i expected puyi to play because those guys from bilbao are very demanding of our back four.  but he was benched and i am also grateful that he is being forced to rest and recover.

tito got his tactics and motivational talks all on point for this game.  the game ended 5-1 for us; i think that’s our biggest goal total and goal difference against bilbao in recent years.  the generation of 87 all got on the scoresheet (messi twice), and so did adriano!  i’m so happy for that guy.  whenever i look at our recent transfers, i’m always thankful that pep chose him when he did.  Aside from being so versatile on the pitch (he’s played what, 10 different positions now?), i get the impression that he also brings a lot of optimism to the locker room.    the camera never really focuses on him for long, but whenever it does, he always seems to be grinning from ear to ear.  i look at how bratty ibra turned out to be, and then i think of masche and adriano and villa (and ibi) — and i think, my god how amazing and humble and hardworking they are and how much respect they all deserve.


i won’t be posting a highlight link, because this is a game everyone should see in full.  go download it!  it’s one of the best games i’ve seen this current crop of players in.  they were driven, and they got results.  i like how tito said during his presser that he was happy about their new record (best liga start everrrr), but he was more impressed at how the boys played, that they were still working for a 6th goal even if we were up 5-1.  so anyway, just some photos for here:



pique and cesc dedicated their goals to their lady loves/baby mommas (at least presumably for cesc), while our two ballon d’or finalists displayed some fancy footwork on the pitch.


eyes on the prize

eyes on the prize



after the game..

Thiago's twitter:  Gooooo!!! 3 points and a record... greatest start in history! yes, team, yesssss

Thiago’s twitter: Gooooo!!! 3 points and a record… greatest start in history! yes, team, yesssss

Masche's fb:  Hi everyone! Very happy with the tonight´s victory but above all for the collective game of the team. Now we have to prepare the match against Benfica. hugs!!

Masche’s fb: Hi everyone! Very happy with the tonight´s victory but above all for the collective game of the team. Now we have to prepare the match against Benfica. hugs!!

yes, post more photos masche!!

lastly, puyi’s facebook:  Good evening!  I’m very happy to be part of this team that made this record of best start in the liga, we’ll try to continue this way.


this week, the club launched their “quit smoking with barça” campaign featuring some members of the staff and our four captains.  here’s their promotional video (again, xavi gets the foreign languag bit)

you get daily messages from the team?  i want to start smoking just so i can quit 🙂  seriously though, i think it’s an admirable initiative and a great follow through after making the camp nou a nonsmoking stadium.  i hope they get to help a lot of people.


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