last night we won against valladolid, sealing a record 49 out 51 points for the league in 2012.  that’s our last game, and now it’s time for winter transfer rumors and all sorts of evaluations and critiques of the team’s performance.  it’s a time a loathe.

i admit i’m not a tactical genius, and i haven’t been a football fan all my life.  but i fell in love with this team because of what they stand for, and i always thought that was a lot of heart.  they play beautiful football, and it’s a joy to watch, but beyond that, they’ve just always come across as a family.  i always feel so bad when people criticize individual performances, and dismiss players’ contributions to the collective.  it is human nature, i guess, to keep on wanting more even when you already have more than enough.  but sometimes people treat the players like trading cards, ready to be exchanged for better ones in the blink of an eye.

if we were on the brink of relegation and some players were being blatantly lazy, i’d probably understand (or still not) — but we are performing magnificently, and it just makes me so sad to think that the staff and the players can read/hear/watch all those nasty things being said about them, and it’s just not fair compensation for what they have been giving us.  has “thank you” become too hard to say?  since 2008, these guys have been playing at such a high level, having so many matches and travelling very long distances.  they’ve overcome injuries, had their vacations cut short, put their bodies on the line.  it makes me sick that they can be so casually undervalued just because they make mistakes, most of which really did not cost us anything but a little pride and adrenaline.  they are people, and they are our team.  i for one am grateful and very happy.



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