warming up for a tough month

warming up for a tough month

… and five more to go.  we drew 1-1 with valencia thanks to a penalty from messi.  both goals came in the first half, which puyi witnessed from the bench, together with some other players i would have liked to start (villa, alexis, thiago, adriano). 



two of our guys previously called the mestalla their home turf, and last night was special for both of them.  jordi alba visited los che’s homeground for the first time as a blaugrana, and el guaje marked his 100th game in the barça shirt.  jordi gave a marvelous performance, while villa received a fantastic ovation from a very spirited crowd when he came in for cesc.

much of the match was just nailbiting and edge-of-chair-gripping for me, but one player who did make me want to applaud was valdes, who showed once again why he is the best.  he made several cool interceptions, including this showstopping double save, worthy of a macho chest bump with the captain 🙂

the chest bump of champions

the chest bump of champions


so after this game, we have international break.  puyi will get a chance to play his 100th game for spain, and will probably be captain.  no injuries please!  i just want to get spain over with so he can extend his club career.  xavi was initially in the call-up list but is now going to miss the friendly because of thigh problems.  he’s expected to be out for 2 weeks.  animo, campeon!

can't stop the xavi

can’t stop the xavi

alex song is also not travelling to cameroon because of knee discomfort.  hope he feels better soon!



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